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ZOOCCHINI’s grip+easy™ Comfort Crawler Legging & Sock Set’s are designed to be fun and functional! Our leggings feature unique silicone gripper at knee-pads which support and enhance your baby’s crawling instincts, a natural developmental progress to standing, walking and running!

Adorable and stylish, our grip+easy™ crawler leggings have innovative design features to aid babies when first learning to crawl. Unique silicone gripper designs at knee pads, help baby push along without slipping and protects knees from bruises and scrapes when they are curiously crawling about. We also included a FREE pair of matching socks! Non-slip soles make this perfect for the crawling-walking transition!

As your baby begins to crawl on the stomach and creep on all fours, learns to lift its body off the floor and maintain that position, our cleverly designed and positioned grip+easy™ silicon non-skid grippers at knee pads, provide traction and encourage movement to support the development of their upper bodies for the classic hands-and-knees crawl - bilateral coordination using the arms and legs in reciprocal movements.

Crawling is commonly considered an important developmental milestone in a baby’s life; it stimulates different areas of the brain which are important for future learning - gross and fine motor abilities, cognitive development, concentration, memory, depth perception, spatial relationships, near and far vision, establish balance and hand/eye coordination.

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